Why choose Moss Music?

  • My Mission is to help every student find his/her unique voice through playing piano and the desire to play for years to come. 
  • Fun. I teach in a way that makes it fun for students and they actually want to practice. 
  • Convenient. I teach at the convenience of your own home or at my home studio here in Burbank.
  • Sibling Discount. I offer a sibling discount for all siblings in the family. 
  • Specialize in teaching 5-18 year olds. I specialize in teaching kids 5 years old to 18 years old.
  • Take Learning Styles into Consideration. I believe in paying special attention to each student's learning style to help them learn in their way and grow in their skill to the best of their ability.
  • Teach Piano Lessons for Students to Keep as a Life-Long Skill. I believe playing piano is a skill that a student will use throughout their lifetime whether or not they go into it professionally.

only  $25 Per Lesson*

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Don't Take Our Word For It

“I highly recommend Ingrid Moss as a piano teacher. She was a patient, encouraging teacher for my two girls. They not only learned a lot from her each week, they also had fun doing it. They always looked forward to their lessons with Ingrid and were excited after lessons to play the songs at home to show what they had learned that week.”


“We were lucky to have Ingrid teach our two children piano over the course of a few years. Ingrid is very passionate about teaching, and she made learning fun for the kids. The kids were always excited to go to their lessons. Ingrid's rates were reasonable, and you could tell that it was the love of music and the love of teaching that motivated her. We would highly recommend having her instruct your child in piano. We believe you will be very happy with your decision to do so.”


“My name is Ellen Beaudry. I have a Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Minnesota. I am licensed to teach k-12 music. I am also co-founder of nonprofit SOAR Regional Arts based in St. Michael, MN. I met Ingrid Moss in 2010 through community theater. Ingrid served on the board of our nonprofit, SOAR ARTs, in 2012. I have great respect for her as a colleague and friend. Ingrid is a dynamic person with great integrity. She works well with people of all ages and absolutely loves to teach. She has a gift for sharing her skills with others. I respect Ingrid for her solid work ethic, drive to better herself, and deep moral principles. Ingrid is very positive and upbeat. She always has a smile on her face and attacks every challenge with great conviction and optimism.”



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Why Learn Piano?

Playing Piano is a stress reliever. It is a positive way to channel anger, frustration or sadness as well as express joy, happiness and love.

It's a Life Long Skill. Learning piano is a life long skill that will stick with you or your child for the rest of your/her life and bring joy to others

Builds Confidence. Each student learns how to play to their best of their ability, to explore how playing piano creates wonderful music and not to be afraid to make mistakes.  A student learns best being free to express themselves through the music. I help each student find his/her unique voice in music. The student builds confidence through weekly practic, recitals and memorizing songs.

Student Learnsto read Music: Piano Lessons lay a strong foundation for learning other instruments and reading music.



Moss Music Home Studio: Lessons are $25 for 30 minutes.
The Convenience of Your Home:  Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes.

At Moss Music Home Studio, the rate for siblings is $23/ lesson (30 minutes) 
At the convenience of your home, lessons are $27/lesson (30 minutes)


There is no charge for a lesson missed as long as I am notified at least 24 hours in advance.   If you want to reschedule the lesson,  we will find a time that works for you and works in my schedule

**Please note:
  1. If notified less than 24 hours, the student will be charged for that lesson.

  2. There is maximum of one time per month to reschedule/cancel a lesson unless         I'm informed in the beginning of the month for the upcoming month.


In Burbank, CA. Either at comfort of your own home or at my home studio.


You can pay me via Check, Cash, Venmo or SquareCash


At the beginning of each month. You pay for the full month at the first lesson of the month. 


After the free lesson, there is a 4 lesson minium.  Other than that, there is no long term contract to sign at this time.