In LA baby – lobster and coffee dispute

Wahoo!! I made it to LA!!! My entrance in was not too bad except I do look like a lobster. Does this scream “tourist” any louder? I enjoyed the sun a little too much today. What is a MN’s girl who has not seen sun in many months to do?

I drove along the ocean for some time and with the sun talking on the phone with director/producer of Evergreen, my kids and husband and enjoying music. I did not run into traffic until an hour outside of LA. Then got stuck and missed meeting a friend/new roommate before her class so now waiting at a coffee shop called The Coffee Bean.

I parked on the street, score! No fee after 6pm. My first stop in LA is at this coffee shop. I ordered a regular coffee and he asked “for here or to go?”. Me: “umm…to go” thinking it had to do with what time of cup I would drink the coffee. Nope, he asked me again and I said “well, really I will be here for a little while then going, so would that be for here or to go?” Worker: “well, you did say to go first, right?” Me “well, ya, but I will be staying here, not really sure what you are going after.” He said: “well, there is this tax thing on if you are here or to go.” Me: “oh alright” actually thinking “Will you just charge me and give me my cup of coffee or do we need to dance about this some more?” He did eventually give me my coffee but no further clarification on the tax thing but he did call me sweetheart so I guess all is good.

I bet I will know this coffee tax thing very well by the time I leave in late may.

Here’s to coffee and taxes!!

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